Why Take Business Courses in High School?

Planning to major in business in college

There are many advantages to taking business courses in high school if you are considering majoring in business in college. The first is to ensure that business is for you - "try before you buy"!


Another is that by taking these courses in high school, when you take them at the college level you'll have a big advantage and probably earn a high grade and learn more (like watching a movie for the second time).


A third advantage is you will have shown interest and commitment and schools of business take that into consideration when admitting new students.

Planning a non-business major in college

"I'm going to major in Engineering; I don't need business courses!" Oh, really? After your first few years you'll likely be expected to start managing projects, developing and managing budgets, etc., and if you make it to senior management, you'll may be responsible for significant revenue and expense items. While it'd be great to cap a non-business undergraduate degree with an MBA, just about anyone would benefit by having a few business courses, even for your personal life.


Managing your own personal budget, doing your own tax returns, planning for your kids' education or your own retirement - these are just a few examples of how business is practically inescapable, regardless of what career you pursue. Taking business courses at the high school level is a great introduction.

Planning to attend trade school

While we'd love everyone to have the option to go to a four-year college, the reality is that due to financial or other reasons, it's not the right choice for everyone. Going into a skilled trade can be a great decision for some people, but you should look before you leap. A recent New York Times article goes into some details for those considering a career in plumbing (did you know it requires FIVE YEARS of apprenticeship, night school, testing, etc.?) Read it, and you'll see that after learning the trade, many go on to run their own businesses. It would be a huge advantage to at least know the basics of Entrepreneurship and Accounting before doing so, and these courses are available free-of-charge at PHS. And while you're at it, why not learn to create your own Web site?

Planning to start working right after high school

If you start working right out of high school, your employer will have many expectations of you. In this economy, the following are expected of any employee:

  • Following directions accurately (and without complaining),
  • Ability to listen and learn (taking notes if necessary),
  • Showing up on time - consistently
  • Communicating effectively with bosses, customers, etc.
  • Being resourceful and finding solutions to problems with minimal supervision
  • Effective, appropriate use of technology to get the job done

All the business courses at PHS help teach you these things and much more. One student recently reported that the skills she is learning at PHS, especially the business courses, not only helped her land a part-time job but she's on track for management training. Why wait - the sooner you start, the better!